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Today I just Wanted to tell you that went into ICAN (Innovative Computer Applications and Networking program)! for those who don’t know what that is, it is a program in high school that you get to do so much things on the computer. You get to learn photoshop, programming, reparing cumputers, and even building some some. The reason I’m so excited is that first of all, it is really hard to be accepted and I got accepted!

iCan-Logo-NewSecond of all is because two of my really good friends (Dan and Corey) Are also accepted. I am in grade 6 six so I can’t wait until next year to finnally learn so much about computers. I past the test about 3 weeks ago and when I got the letter I was so excited to read it. When I knew I was accepted I couldn’t wait to tell my friends! If you are as Interested as me and want to go to ICAN make sure you go!

Image property of  iCan | Heritage Regional High School

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