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If I haven’t been posting for three weeks Its because I was on VACATION! I was on vacation for 1 week. Then I was terribly sick for 1 other week. I was also a lot behind so I didn’t get to blog. Besides that it was a fun vacation. I went with my parents, my 4 cousins, my aunt and uncle, and my grandparents. The reason we went on vacation is because it was my grandparents wedding.  Now your probably wondering where I went, I went to Cuba, Varadero. I thought the weather was beautiful but my parents keep on saying it was very windy. The temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. Where I am right now it’s -30 Celcuis!

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons Cuba Varadero800px-Cuba_Varadero

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Hi my name is Dan from
I would like to go to Cuba one day but for now I think i’m better off visiting the rest of Canada.

Hi Edward its Rocky and like Dan I would also like to go to Cuba but this March break I’m going to Laval to buy some Lego and Bionicles at the new Lego store.

Hi there, Edward! It’s me, Sionra! (
I’ve never been to Cuba, and you’re really lucky you got to experience that kind of heat while, in Canada, we’ve got freezing temperatures!
But if I went there and came back, I’d rather not get sick.

Hi Edward! I think Cuba would be a great place to visit! To bad you got sick though! Im less than two weeks I’ll be going to Fiji! I’m really super excited! If you want to check out my post about Fiji here’s the link:
In Canada it’s -19 right now, I mean, why couldn’t you bring the weather here?
Anyways in the end I hope you had fun!

Hi Edward,
My name is Elena. I agree with Danica, Cuba is a great place to visit. I am really sorry for you. Cuba is a great place to go but you were sick. I hope you still had a wonderful time :). Here where we are is super cold, so I can`t wait until summer ;). Feel free to come visit my blog at
Have an amazing day 🙂

Hi Edward,
Its Roxy, don’t worry you aren’t the only one that is behind there were a lot of people that were sick at the same time as you or that were away at the same time as you encluding me. I wasn,t away as much but I did get really sick. Hope you didn`t have too much homework. Please come vivsit my blog, here is the link

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