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Hands have always fascinated me. You’re probably thinking I am crazy but think of it. The human has 206 bones in its body and 1 forth of it is in the hands, 27 in each 54 in total. Imagine how fluid it has to be to write. We can see the difference between the apes hand and the human. But it is quite similar which can prove evolution. It has inspired  a lot of surrealism art. The optical illusion is simple but still weird. The top left picture is an old representation “The pen is mightier than the sword” in this case it is “The Quill Is Mightier Than The Sword”. It`s crazy how hands  can show messages and be beautiful.

Nelson’s Understanding- A Story (Chapter 3)


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“Yes” sighed the man in a long,sad voice “I had no choice”

Nelson and the man for the longest minute he had ever felt in his life. He felt the enragement surge threw him like never before. He could feel his body shaking from head to toe.

“YOU HAD NO CHOICE!” yelled Nelson” YOU LEFT MOM ALONE WITH ME! YOU KNEW SHE DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY DO TAKE CARE OF ME! AND KNOW SHE IS COMPLETLY DEPRESSED BECAUSE YOU LEFT!” Nelson was so angry that his own father left him with mom. that is why she was so depressed all these years.

“I was not the one who left her.” he answered “she is the one who left me.”

Huh Nelson thought. Why would mom be so sad if she left him. He couldn’t understand what was going on. his fathers green glowing eyes didn’t show emotion.

“I got these powers and she thought I might turn evil so she left me”

Which powers? How did he get them? How did he know I would come? Thought Nelson

But all these questions he would have to ask in the next chapter!

My Blog Flashback


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In this post you will see how my blog has evolved and what I thought it would be about, what actually happened, what I am proud of etc…

When I first started I thought that almost all my posts would be about  survival tips or about really strange things. I didn’t have the time to do these things. I had so much others things to do and others things to write  about that I completely forgot to write about it. Now I write about a lot of different things. I don’t have a theme like most other people in my class. I mostly write about current avents or stories that I invent. I still do write about weird things that are going around when I have the chance.

The thing that I am proudest of is that I have learnt what my voice was. At first my writting wasn’t fluent. My writing was square and blocky. Through the blogging I learnt what I really liked to talk about and how to properly talk to the public well.

I am also proud of the novel I am starting to write (Nelson’s Story). I am a bit disappointed that people were’t commenting what I should write next and no one was answering. If I had more time the story would have been better and more developed. Through the story I thought of an other story to write about. I also would think all night for the next chapter.

If I had my own blog and the teacher didn’t give me assignments I would have a completely different blog. I would have game ratings. I would talk about recently played games and tell them there pros and cons. I would also write stories here the commenters are the ones choosing the endings. I would have maximum three ideas and then people would vote which one is best.

What I found challenging for me was writing about historic current events and giving my opinion on them. I sometimes have so much to write about it and other times I have no idea what to say about it.



DIY Lungs Update


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Today I have a big update on my science fair. I have done my whole experiment And I realized that my hypothesis was wrong. (before reading the rest click here) My mom was the one who made a hole in the jar. It took forever! I have one jar that is bigger than the other (that is wanted) But the balloon inside was too big for the jar. What I had to do was Role up the balloon. That was really hard. Then I realized I had to do the same thing on the other one for the experiment to work. At the end the experiment was perfect. I haven’t started the board though. I have most of the information I need to make the board.Respiratory_system_complete_en_svg

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Claes C

More Work On The Science Fair


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For my experiment I have almost all the materials. All I need is the board and the Bigger jar. I will get the jar and the board on March 14 and build the experiment on the weekend.

-I need to make a hole on both the jars

-I need to Attach the balloon, and stick the straw with the small balloon in the hole

-I need to stuff gum in the borders of the small hole.

I will build the board all of march 16 week.

I have a whole list of fun facts I need to search up by march 16.

Nelson’s Beginning – A Story


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BEEP BEEP! “Aaaah! I hate Mondays” whispered Nelson as he sprung out of bed. He got dressed, brushed his teeth and went downstairs to make breakfast. He opened the top cabinet and realized there was no cereal. He also had no toast condiments. He had to make himself bread in milk. “I haaaaaaate Mondays” He put on his schoolbag and went to his bus stop. As he came closer to his bus stop,  he saw in the distance that  his bus was leaving! He ran at it, but he fast realized it was a lost cause. He couldn’t walk to school because he knew there were a lot of super villains in Dufax City. Every day at school they would say to kids that they must watch out for evil doers. He was walking back home in the rain when he saw something strange. All he could see was a flashing green light coming from the ground a few meters away120px-Gwiazda_DA_svg. He walked towards it feeling extremely curious but still coscious. “Hello?” he yelled anxiously but there was no response. The closer he walked the bigger it became. He didn’t understand, it seemed there was no source. It got bigger and bigger and bigger. When he was only a meter away from the flashing light, his foot sank in the tile he was on. A trap under his feet flung down! He was falling in a deep, deep, deep green tube…


What Do You Think Should Happen Next?

Nelson’s recovery- A Story (chapter 2)


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As he hit the ground he felt nauseous. He got up and looked around in amazement. He was in a huge lab, There was tons of machines he didn’t know how to work. He didn’t still understand what had just happened, It had happened so fast, he thought. In the middle of the lab he saw a beam of light which he realized must be what was shooting the flashing light.”Hello?” he cried in disbelief, there was no answer. Then in the shadows he herd a cold, evil, mysterious voice whispered “I knew you’d come young boy”

“Who are you!” yelled Nelson. He didn’t know where the voice came from, I sounded like it came from EVERYWHERE!

Roller Skate Dog


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Ho blogosphere,

After The Nightmare at school video, I looked at more NFB and I enjoyed I Want A Dog If you haven’t seen the video yet go to NFB. It is a kind of musical comedy.30 octobre 2007

It is not a comedy but it had a lot of music. It wasn’t a first person story, it had a narrator (which I personally prefer). The narrator was a kid or either sounded like a kid which I think is to show that it is made for kids. The dad and mom sounded like kids who want to sound like adults. Unlike the Nightmare At School, (go see that post if you haven’t) it is very colorful. I t makes the mood very happy, cheerful and yet simple. The cartoon wasn’t to realistic but it still showed a good  message. Even if it was simple drawings it was very well animated.

The message is that you should never give up. They exaggerated a bit. It would get boring if you had to teach tricks to a roller skate.

I thought nothing of the I want a dog picture until my teacher pointed something out. It is an homage to a famous painting. La Grande Jatte.untitled




Photo Credit grande jatte: Suckindiesel 

Photo Credit I want a dog: NFB



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If I haven’t been posting for three weeks Its because I was on VACATION! I was on vacation for 1 week. Then I was terribly sick for 1 other week. I was also a lot behind so I didn’t get to blog. Besides that it was a fun vacation. I went with my parents, my 4 cousins, my aunt and uncle, and my grandparents. The reason we went on vacation is because it was my grandparents wedding.  Now your probably wondering where I went, I went to Cuba, Varadero. I thought the weather was beautiful but my parents keep on saying it was very windy. The temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. Where I am right now it’s -30 Celcuis!

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons Cuba Varadero800px-Cuba_Varadero

Never Ending Post


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This post is what we call a Never Ending Post, oooh sounds dramatic. It is kind of like a chain, I start with one subject then another subject that has to do with the previous subject. It sounds complicated but its not.


Have you ever heard of the robot called Nao. It is a very smart robot that can not only do chores for you it can express feelings! If someone is nice to it, it will show happiness. If someone is mean to it, it will run away. It was based off a child. I saw a video and it is surprisingly fluid unlike most robots. I find it kind of creepy that they can express human feelings (Sadness, anger, fear and joy) It can recognize humans and if they are good or bad. They are used in hospitals to comfort kids when there parents aren’t there.  It is also based off of kids and even apes

source: http://www.dogonews.com/2010/8/14/nao-an-emotional-robot


To Be Continued…


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